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Tips for Assisting a Senior with Incontinence


Millions of Americans live with urinary incontinence, an oftentimes embarrassing condition that causes their bodies to accidentally leak urine. Sometimes aging in place seniors with poor bladder control become less active and even socially isolated, which can place their health and well-being at risk. If you’re currently looking after a senior with incontinence, helping them enjoy a higher quality of life is possible when using these tips.

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An Alzheimer’s Diagnoses


There are many daunting questions and looming fears when someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It can be stressful and often times upsetting to witness the diagnosed live through the progression of the disease. Everyone in their life is affected by the changes and challenges that come with dementia, especially the chosen primary caregiver. As with anyone caring for a sick family member or friend there is one primary goal, to help the diagnosed individual maximize their life and personal sense of independence. As they pass through the stages of the disease, reality may become more commonly askew and you [...]

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