As we age, our health becomes more of a priority, especially our mental health. Keeping a sharp and vibrant mind helps ward off mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. There are plenty of things folks can do to stay vital. The key is challenging your brain at all stages in life. As children move out and we welcome our retirement years, many seniors can find themselves bored. Boredom is a breeding ground for depression so staying active and engaged is crucial. Read the six tips below to boost mental health and be sure to take responsibility for your mental health and well-being.

  1. Get a pet! Caring for a pet helps seniors stay active and helps ward off depression.
  2. Exercise! Joining an exercise class or gym helps seniors feel strong and social. Some gyms even have senior classes featuring modified workouts for 55+ individuals.
  3. Join a Senior Center – Yoga, crafting, and computer classes are some of the activities offered.
  4. Stay Connected – Spend time with your family and have them teach you about Skype or FaceTime as a way to communicated and stay connected and involved to what truly matters.
  5. Volunteer – These days there are so many ways to give back. Find an organization that speak to you and look into volunteering your time and supporting their efforts.
  6. Go Back to School – With low cost and free classes offered at most community colleges, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your mind or learn something new.

Staying on top of your mental health needs allows there to be less of an opportunity for depression or other ailments to affect your senior years. Be sure to stay active and mentally engaged. Prioritize your mental wellness and you’ll thank yourself as the years go by.