It’s not always easy to tell the time when a senior should begin receiving in-home care. You may have noticed some things that have caused you concern about your loved one’s ability to care for themselves, but you want to be sure they need home care before talking with them about it. 

Here are seven signs to help you decide if now is the right time to bring in-home care aboard:

Poor personal hygiene

Body odor is often a sign that a senior is not tending to their personal hygiene like they once did. Their clothes may be soiled more often, and their dirty laundry piling up.

Declining hygiene can be caused by physical issues, like trouble getting in and out of the tub or shower, making it challenging for them to stay clean. Memory problems may also be causing them to forget to bathe.

Problems driving

Signs that your loved one’s driving skills are lessening are additional dents on the car, multiple traffic tickets, and an increasing number of fender benders. If you’re worried about their safety and the safety of others, go for a drive with them and personally observe their driving skills.

Noticeable loss of weight

A change in weight of 10% or more can indicate problems with diet and eating. Your loved one may be eating less because of difficulty preparing meals. Depression also often affects the appetite. Drop-in on them during mealtime and observe their ability to cook. Also, see if they’re stocking the fridge and pantry. Mobility issues may be keeping them from grocery shopping.

Increasing forgetfulness

Memory problems and confusion are possible indicators of dementia. It can also mean your loved one isn’t managing their medications properly, or there may be an underlying medical condition.

Mismanaging medications

Not managing medications properly or forgetting to take their meds can negatively impact a senior’s physical and mental health. If they’re not following the directions the doctor gave them for their prescriptions, it may also indicate a deeper cognitive problem.

Inventory your loved one’s meds; make sure they’re filling their prescriptions on time and that they don’t need refills. Get them using a weekly pillbox if they aren’t already.

Falling frequently

Everyone stumbles or trips occasionally, but frequent falls by a senior is a definite warning sign they need assistance and should be addressed immediately. Falling is the leading cause of disability for adults age 65 and above and often leads to broken arms, legs, and hips, which can cascade into more serious, sometimes fatal, health problems.

Missing appointments

If your loved one isn’t showing up for doctor’s appointments, it may be caused by organizational or memory issues. It can also mean that a senior has forgotten how to get to a specific location or is afraid of driving.

Don’t delay taking action if you notice any of these signs with your loved one. In-Home care assistance should start as early as possible. The longer a senior lives without the care they need, the more likely their health will suffer.

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