Caring for a loved one while juggling work, family, and personal responsibilities eventually catches up with you. Sooner or later, every family caregiver needs some help. Bringing aboard an in-home caregiver does not indicate a lack of caring or skill.

For millions of families, a professional caregiver is a reason a family member can age with dignity in the place they most desire – their home. According to AARP, approximately 43.5 million caregivers have provided unpaid care to an adult or child. Many of these family caregivers use professional respite care services for help keeping up.

As the first wave of Baby Boomers continues to age, many of their children are asking, “how do I find an in-home caregiver?” Here are some ways to find outside help:

Ask for referrals

A great source for locating a professional caregiver is friends that can introduce you to someone they either know personally or have heard good things about. You probably trust your friends to recommend high-quality restaurants and movies. Why not ask them if they know anyone that could help your loved one with their home care needs?

Use a registry

Home care registries connect families with independent home health workers. You let them know your loved one’s needs, and they’ll refer you to candidates they feel are a good match. You then interview caregivers and make a selection.

Many registries charge a one-time fee for their services. After that, the professional and financial relationship is between you and the caregiver you selected.

Search on your own

Some people use online bulletin boards or social media sites to find a caregiver. However, that does have its drawbacks:


Do-it-yourself searches can consume days or weeks before you find the right person, which isn’t feasible if your loved one needs care today.

Emergency coverage

Like every type of worker, caregivers need sick days and vacation days, and they can quit unexpectedly. When that happens with an independent caregiver you hired, you can be left without help, forcing you to change your plans for the next few days, weeks, or months while you find a replacement.


Do you know how to do a background check and verify credentials? This must be done before you ever put the care of a loved one in someone else’s hands.


You’ll need to get an employer identification number and withhold Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment taxes. You’ll also have to confirm that the caregiver can work legally in the United States.


You must have liability insurance in place to protect yourself against any on-the-job accidents and injuries. You’ll also need Worker’s Compensation insurance to cover lost wages.

If you hire a caregiver on your own, you’ll be handling all of these responsibilities, plus any grievances your loved one may have about your caregiver, and sometimes vice-versa.

Use an agency

Agencies are a little more expensive than hiring an independent caregiver, but there are some definite advantages:

Prescreened workers

Agencies perform background and criminal checks. For example, all Dependable Senior Care licensed and insured home health aides go through a careful hiring process, including an FBI level 2 background check and fingerprinting, driver’s license and auto insurance verification, and much more.

Relevant experience

Home care agencies are likely to have experienced caregivers who have looked after someone who has the same illness or condition affecting your family member.

Fast replacements

If your caregiver isn’t working out the way you’d planned, agencies can promptly provide a replacement you’ll be more comfortable with.

Fewer problems

Agencies handle any concerns or complaints you or your loved one have, taking you out of the middle.

Liability protection

Agencies cover the cost of a caregiver who is injured on the job.

No paperwork

Agencies are the human resources department for your caregiver. They take care of payment, taxes, and scheduling.

Dependable Senior Care

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