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7 Steps to a Healthy Senior Diet


Today, we now know, you get out of your body what you put into it. At any age, it’s imperative to eat nutrient rich foods which can help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your energy levels, and ward off health problems. Especially in seniors, a healthy diet can help fight against high blood-pressure, diabetes, constipation, and heart problems. As we age, how our bodies process food changes. With this in mind, you may want to re-evaluate your diet and make any changes that may bring balance to your diet and overall health. Be sure to check off our 7 steps [...]

7 Steps to a Healthy Senior Diet2020-05-21T19:01:29-04:00

6 Tips to Mental Wellness


As we age, our health becomes more of a priority, especially our mental health. Keeping a sharp and vibrant mind helps ward off mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. There are plenty of things folks can do to stay vital. The key is challenging your brain at all stages in life. As children move out and we welcome our retirement years, many seniors can find themselves bored. Boredom is a breeding ground for depression so staying active and engaged is crucial. Read the six tips below to boost mental health and be sure to take responsibility for your mental [...]

6 Tips to Mental Wellness2020-05-21T19:01:29-04:00

Quick Tips to Healthy Living


Your Golden Years are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, but if you’re not self-aware, you may spend them worrying about your health instead. Read the 9 tips below to staying healthy long into your senior years. Focus on Prevention – Regularly scheduled health screenings as well as preventative care will help you be aware of any health changes. This is the key to prevention. Eat Healthy – Today, we all know our health is directly linked to our diets. Focus on eating whole-grains as well as high-fiber fruits and veggies. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Annual Vision [...]

Quick Tips to Healthy Living2020-05-21T19:01:29-04:00

An Alzheimer’s Diagnoses


There are many daunting questions and looming fears when someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It can be stressful and often times upsetting to witness the diagnosed live through the progression of the disease. Everyone in their life is affected by the changes and challenges that come with dementia, especially the chosen primary caregiver. As with anyone caring for a sick family member or friend there is one primary goal, to help the diagnosed individual maximize their life and personal sense of independence. As they pass through the stages of the disease, reality may become more commonly askew and you [...]

An Alzheimer’s Diagnoses2020-05-21T19:01:29-04:00

Bathroom Breaks and Safety


There are many challenging moments when caring for a loved one. Some of the trickiest can be bathroom breaks. It can be challenging to assist someone you love and respect with such an intimate and usually private task. It’s important to keep in mind safety is the main objective when caring for an elderly individual and should be priority at all times. Read through a few of these tips we’ve compiled to help you navigate through those tricky moments with your senior. As a rule, you want to create a clear pathway to the bathroom. Be sure to remove all clutter [...]

Bathroom Breaks and Safety2020-05-21T19:01:29-04:00