Your Golden Years are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, but if you’re not self-aware, you may spend them worrying about your health instead. Read the 9 tips below to staying healthy long into your senior years.

  1. Focus on Prevention – Regularly scheduled health screenings as well as preventative care will help you be aware of any health changes. This is the key to prevention.
  2. Eat Healthy – Today, we all know our health is directly linked to our diets. Focus on eating whole-grains as well as high-fiber fruits and veggies. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water!
  3. Annual Vision Screening – Having clear vision helps reduce the chances of a fall. Make sure your vision, prescription, and eye health is checked annually.
  4. Dental Visits every 6 Months – As we age, our risk for cavities goes up. Oral Health is priority as it is linked to serious health conditions.
  5. Socialize – Spending time with friends and family helps us all to feel connected. Make sure to make time for those whom make you love and laugh.
  6. FREE Physicals – Take advantage of Medicare which provides seniors with free annual wellness visits.
  7. Remember Mental Health – Engage your brain. Reading, writing, playing chess, and crossword puzzles are just a few of the ways you can continue to challenge your brain and ward off the decline of mental health.
  8. 411 on Meds – Fully understanding your medications and their symptoms will help keep you involved in your own care. Note how you feel and discuss any changes with your doctor thoroughly.
  9. Get Some Sleep – There’s nothing like a good night’s rest. Keep your body well rested so you can help maximize your health and your day.