Frequently Asked Questions

Senior woman and caregiver laughing
How do I know if my aid will fit my needs?2020-05-19T21:52:22-04:00

Our staff with work hard to match the right caregiver with the personality of the client and the type of care needed.  It’s one of the most important things that we do!  Through years of experience in the health care industry, we have found that the better the match, the better the care.

Will I have the same aide with me every day?2020-05-19T21:51:48-04:00

Since we pride ourselves on matching the right caregiver with the right client, we always try to maintain the same caregiver with each client for continuity of care.  Even when the assigned caregiver takes a day off, we try to schedule the same replacement caregiver.

Do you carry Liability Insurance?2020-05-19T21:51:17-04:00

Yes, we insure our company, and each of our caregivers is required to carry their own personal liability insurance policy which is applied for and tracked by our company, so there is double the coverage.

Do you provide services in senior living communities?2020-05-19T21:50:42-04:00

Yes. We provide care you for wherever you call home. Dependable Senior Care and our caregivers will work with the community to make sure all of your care needs are exceeded.

Do you accept long term care insurance?2020-05-19T21:50:15-04:00

Yes, we work with all long term care insurance companies and will process all of your paperwork and submit the claims on your behalf.

What if my caregiver is not a good fit for me?2020-05-19T21:49:41-04:00

Although we work diligently to find you the best caregiver for you, if you ever need to make a change, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will provide a new caregiver for you.

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